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I’m Raj Dosanjh, founder of Rent Round. After finishing a degree in computer science and business, I started a career in investment banking which I’ve been in for 12 years.

I’ve always had a keen interest in the business world and in creating my own startups. A cosmetic soap company and a student mentoring platform are a couple of my failures. On the positive side, I started a banking consultancy, a successful martial arts club where I also teach. My most recent success is Rent Round.

Rent Round is a letting agent comparison site that allows landlords to compare the rental market. This saves them £1,000’s a year and is free for them to use.

Growth of the platform has been fantastic since its launch in 2019. I managed to recoup my initial investment within eight months.

The revenue for all my businesses combined is just over £150,000 per annum. Rent Round currently contributes around 20% of that figure. However, the business is seeing increases in revenue of between 20-30% per quarter, so the future is promising.

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