S1 E28: PC Musthafa of ID Fresh

Being unable to have 3 meals a day to making breakfast for millions How to […]

S1 E27: Akshay Chaturvedi of Leverage Edu

Giving Flight to Thousands of Students’ Dreams of studying abroad How to Scale an Edtech […]

S1 E25: Nischal Shetty of WazirX

How Nischal Shetty used a simple formula called ETC to scale two startups to millions […]

S2 E24: Shrijay Sheth of Legalwiz

An Entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs avoid heavy lifting on legal matters Shrijay Seth came from […]

S1 E21: Prasanna Krishnamoorthy of Upekkha

SaaS : SaaS Startup Success as a Service Is one exit of $17 Billion (Flipkart) […]

S1 E20: Sonal Verma of Glow Road

From Accidental Entrepreneurship to Scaling Twice in different domains A Medical Doctor by profession, Dr […]

S1 E19: Varun Sheth of Ketto

The Boy Who Harnessed The Internet to solve people’s problems Varun Sheth is the co-founder […]

Varun Sheth had a normal childhood. Growing up in Mumbai, he spent his younger years as any boy about town would. When he grew up, he worked in investment banking, the hallowed career option for many. Yet, he felt a hollowness. He saw the internet and e-commerce grow in India exponentially and decided that this would apply to crowd funding as well. Although the start was shaky and it took several years to find product market fit, the team that also had Kunal Kapoor of Bollywood fame as a co-founder eventually scaled in helping people who could not fund their medical treatments thru crowd funding. Now the team is poised for another phase of growth. Check out this episode!

S1 E18: Jimit Bagadiya of Social Pilot

Making the scary switch from IT services to Product and scaling from Ahemdabad There are […]