S1 E35: Amit Mishra of iMocha

The Giant Leap from Slums to a Multi-Million $ SAAS Business Scaling a SaaS Business […]

S1 E29:Gotama Gowda of Openapp

From Boy Next door to failed Restaurateur to successful IOT Startup How to Succeed with […]

S1 E28: PC Musthafa of ID Fresh

Being unable to have 3 meals a day to making breakfast for millions How to […]

S1 E27: Akshay Chaturvedi of Leverage Edu

Giving Flight to Thousands of Students’ Dreams of studying abroad How to Scale an Edtech […]

S1 E25: Nischal Shetty of WazirX

How Nischal Shetty used a simple formula called ETC to scale two startups to millions […]

S2 E24: Shrijay Sheth of Legalwiz

An Entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs avoid heavy lifting on legal matters Shrijay Seth came from […]